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Risk Adjustment

Risk adjustment

Research Study

Geographic Variation in Hospital Emergency Department Visits in the Medicare Population

With Richard Averill, MS, Richard Fuller, MS, Ron Mills, PhD

In this 3M Clinical and Economic Research report, the Potentially Preventable Emergency Department Visits (PPVs) methodology was used to identify…

Research Study

Surgical Mortality as a Measure of Hospital Quality

With Richard Averill, MS, Richard Fuller, MS, Ron Mills, PhD

While there is increasing consensus that comparative mortality data should be included in hospital payment incentive systems, attempts to develop…

Research Study

Medicare Beneficiaries with a High Risk of a Poor Outcome from COVID-19

With L. Gordon Moore, MD, Richard Averill, MS, Ron Mills, PhD

Early COVID-19 studies indicate that when older people contract the virus, they have a poorer prognosis, especially those 80 years…


Maryland: Final Recommendation for the Hospital Acquired Conditions Program for Rate Year 2021

Published by the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission, March 2019.  Maryland’s Quality programs must measure and reward better quality…


Texas: Hospital Quality-based Potentially Preventable Events Program

Published by Texas Health and Human Services Potentially preventable events are encounters, which could be prevented, that lead to unnecessary…


Good intentions and unintended consequences: A look at healthcare policy

With L. Gordon Moore, MD

Sometimes ideas for healthcare reform can morph into problematic policies that inadvertently drive up costs and erode quality. What happens…

3M Commentary

A look at what’s not working in U.S. health care

By L. Gordon Moore, MD

Good ideas can morph into problematic policies that drive up costs and erode quality. Take diabetes as an example. We…


Florida: Analysis of Potentially Preventable Healthcare Events of Medicaid Enrollees

Published by the State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration This report uses data from July 2016 to June…

Journal Article

Validation of the All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR-DRG) risk of mortality and severity of illness modifiers as a measure of perioperative risk

Published in the Journal of Medical Systems, March 2018,  by McCormick PJ, Lin HM, Deiner SG, Levin MA. The…


Webinar: Drive quality with accurate severity of illness and risk of mortality

Explore how precise capture of severity-of-illness and risk-of-mortality measures impact quality outcomes and reimbursement.…


Mississippi: Cost Effectiveness Study Report for Coordinated Access Network (MississippiCAN)

Published by the State of Mississippi Office of the Governor, Division of Medicaid by Myers and Stauffer, Certified Public Accountants…

White Paper

Accuracy of Claims-Based Risk Scoring Models

Published by Society of Actuaries (SOA) by Geof Hileman, FSA, MAAA, Spenser Steele The Society of Actuaries is pleased to…