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Quality measurement overload: Focusing on measures that matter

When I was a young primary care physician, all I wanted was more time to spend with my patients. Each…

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Look beyond pricing to understand health care value

By Megan Carr

As a mom of four growing (and constantly eating) boys, I’m always trying to find ways to manage our grocery…

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Linking quality to financial outcomes: The foundation for value

By Dawn Weimar, RN

Many Medicaid programs, health plans, and ACOs are looking for new strategies to offset tight budgets. COVID-19 has dealt severe…

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Pursuing the Triple Aim in managed care: Value-Based Default Enrollment

By Matthew Ferrara

Some state Medicaid agencies leverage the enrollment process  to drive health plan improvement.  Within states that operate Medicaid managed care,…

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What’s the high point of client contracting?

By Leah Giordano

I recently embarked on a new kind of adventure during this COVID-19 pandemic that has provided me with extra time…

Research Study

Inpatient Quality Outcome Performance and Population Resource Utilization

With Richard Averill, MS, Ron Mills, PhD

This 3M Clinical and Economic Research report focuses on the four Quality Outcome Performance Measures (QOPMs) that relate to hospital…

Research Study

Geographic Variation in Hospital Quality Performance in Medicare by Disease and Procedure Categories

With Richard Averill, MS, Richard Fuller, MS, Ron Mills, PhD

Research Study

Financial Impact of Geographic Variation in Hospital Quality Performance in Medicare

With Richard Averill, MS, Richard Fuller, MS, Ron Mills, PhD

In a major new research study from 3M Clinical and Economic Research, 3M healthcare policy experts evaluate variation in inpatient…

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A language of value

By Richard Averill, MS

As the debate over healthcare reform intensifies, affordability will be a central issue. The high cost of health care can…

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COVID-19, care homes and infection management: It’s time for outcomes measures

By Richard Fuller, MS

In a prior blog, we highlighted the results of our research into patient outcomes, potentially preventable admissions (PPAs) and emergency…


Rhode Island: Potentially Preventable Readmissions Related to Behavioral Health

Published by State of Rhode Island Department of Health, 2019.  Using 3M’s standard, clinically-based methodology, HealthFacts RI has found that…


Texas: Hospital Quality-based Potentially Preventable Events Program

Published by Texas Health and Human Services Potentially preventable events are encounters, which could be prevented, that lead to unnecessary…