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Research Study

The Shift to Outpatient Surgery: Geographic Variation and Site-Neutral Payments

With Richard Averill, MS, Rhonda Butler, Danielle Pavloski, Ron Mills, PhD

Medicare payments to providers can vary significantly depending on the site where service is provided. A site-neutral payment policy would…


Hawaii: 3M APR DRG implementation announced

Beginning with admission dates on January 1, 2022, inpatient acute services for the Hawaii Medicaid program shall be paid using…


Idaho: Moving to 3M APR DRGs for inpatient reimbursement

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) intends to implement 3M™ All Patient Refined DRG (APR DRG) as the…

3M Commentary

EAPG users: Get a little help from your friends

By Gregg Perfetto

As the song goes, sometimes we need “a little help from our friends.” As many organizations are learning from the…

3M Commentary

Payment and quality reform for mental health and substance abuse care: The time is now (part 2)

By Dawn Weimar, RN

In my last blog, I discussed mental health and substance abuse (MHSA) payment and quality in the midst of…

3M Commentary

Payment and quality reform for mental health and substance abuse care: The time is now

By Dawn Weimar, RN

We have heard the adage: “The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes but expecting a different result.” …

Research Study

Surgical Mortality as a Measure of Hospital Quality

With Richard Averill, MS, Richard Fuller, MS, Ron Mills, PhD

While there is increasing consensus that comparative mortality data should be included in hospital payment incentive systems, attempts to develop…


Factors Affecting the Development of Medicaid Hospital Payment Policies–Findings from Structured Interviews in Five States

Published by Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission, 2018,  by Thomas Marks, Kathy Gifford, Steven Perlin, Melisa Byrd, and…

Journal Article

Are We Confident of Across-Hospital Mortality Comparisons?

With Richard Fuller, MS, Jack Hughes, MD, Norbert Goldfield, MD

Published in the American Journal of Medical Quality, April 2018, by Richard L. Fuller, MS, John S. Hughes, MD,…


Arkansas: DRG Conversion Plan

Published by Navigant Consulting, Inc. This report provides a Conversion Plan to the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) for…

Journal Article

Implementing a Site-Neutral Medicare Prospective Payment System

With Richard Averill, MS, Richard Fuller, MS

Published by the Healthcare Financial Management Association by Richard Averill and Richard Fuller Medicare could move to a site-neutral prospective…