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Journal Article

Comparison of the Properties of Regression and Categorical Risk-Adjustment Models

With Richard Fuller, MS, Richard Averill, MS, John Muldoon, Jack Hughes, MD

Published in the Journal of Ambulatory Care Management by Richard L. Fuller, MS, Richard F. Averill, MS, John H. Muldoon,…

3M Commentary

Predictive models and population health – A clinical point of view (part two)

By Norbert Goldfield, MD

Predicting the behavior of human beings is hard – it is hard enough to figure out how to predict the…

3M Commentary

Predictive models and population health risk: Payment (part one)

By Richard Fuller, MS, Norbert Goldfield, MD

In this blog we take a look at risk-adjustment models used in population health. There are two related but distinct…

Journal Article

Risk adjusting survival outcomes in hospitals that treat patients with cancer without information on cancer stage

Published by JAMA Oncology by David G. Pfister, MD; David M. Rubin, BS; Elena B. Elkin, PhD, MPA; Ushma S. …

Journal Article

Augmenting Predictive Modeling Tools with Clinical Insights for Care Coordination Program Design and Implementation

Published by eGEMs Washington, D.C. by Tracy L. Johnson, PhD, MA, Daniel Brewer, Raymond Estacio, MD, Tara Vlasimsky, PharmD, BCPS, …