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Quality measurement overload: Focusing on measures that matter

When I was a young primary care physician, all I wanted was more time to spend with my patients. Each…

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Look beyond pricing to understand health care value

By Megan Carr

As a mom of four growing (and constantly eating) boys, I’m always trying to find ways to manage our grocery…

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Pursuing the Triple Aim in managed care: Value-Based Default Enrollment

By Matthew Ferrara

Some state Medicaid agencies leverage the enrollment process  to drive health plan improvement.  Within states that operate Medicaid managed care,…


Texas: Value-Based Enrollment Incentive Program

Published by Texas Health and Human Services Commission  Meeting a statutory requirement to redesign their Medicaid managed care auto-enrollment system…

Research Study

Geographic Variation in Hospital Admission Rates in the Medicare Population

With Richard Averill, MS, Richard Fuller, MS, Ron Mills, PhD

Health care expenditures continue to steadily increase with hospital stays making up about one-third of health care expenditures. A well-functioning…

Research Study

Research Series: Measuring Variation to Maximize Value

With Richard Averill, MS, Richard Fuller, MS, Ron Mills, PhD, L. Gordon Moore, MD

This series of reports on geographic variation in performance provide comparative information that can be used as the basis of…

White Paper

White Paper: Medicaid value-based care: Best practice strategies for success

Discussion of five best practices that help Medicaid agencies transition toward value-based care.…