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Journal Article

Importance of coding co-morbidities for APR-DRG assignment: Focus on cardiovascular and respiratory diseases

Published by the Health Information Management Journal, May 2019, by Julio Souza, João Vasco Santos, MD, Veronica Bolon Canedo,…

Journal Article

IR-DRGs and CDI in the UAE

Published in the Journal of AHIMA, April 2019,  by Wilbur Lo, MD, CDIP, CCA.  Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) holds…

Journal Article

Validation of the All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR-DRG) risk of mortality and severity of illness modifiers as a measure of perioperative risk

Published in the Journal of Medical Systems, March 2018,  by McCormick PJ, Lin HM, Deiner SG, Levin MA. The…


Webinar: Drive quality with accurate severity of illness and risk of mortality

Explore how precise capture of severity-of-illness and risk-of-mortality measures impact quality outcomes and reimbursement.…