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The continuing critical importance of reducing potentially preventable readmissions

By Gerald Tracy

This year, much attention is appropriately being focused on improving health equity—both in access and quality of care provided. True…

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Linking quality to financial outcomes: The foundation for value

By Dawn Weimar, RN

Many Medicaid programs, health plans, and ACOs are looking for new strategies to offset tight budgets. COVID-19 has dealt severe…

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It’s about the employer insurance market: 5 ways to lower health care costs for the majority of Americans

By Matt Gallivan

Political leaders have spent the last decade furiously debating the future of the health care system, while ignoring the elephant…

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A language of value

By Richard Averill, MS

As the debate over healthcare reform intensifies, affordability will be a central issue. The high cost of health care can…


Rhode Island: Potentially Preventable Readmissions Related to Behavioral Health

Published by State of Rhode Island Department of Health, 2019.  Using 3M’s standard, clinically-based methodology, HealthFacts RI has found that…


Texas: Hospital Quality-based Potentially Preventable Events Program

Published by Texas Health and Human Services Potentially preventable events are encounters, which could be prevented, that lead to unnecessary…


Rhode Island: Potentially Preventable Emergency Room Visits

Published by State of Rhode Island Department of Health, 2019. While Rhode Island emergency rooms provide vital services to our…


Ohio: Potentially Preventable Readmissions Hospital Report Card

Published by Ohio Department of Medicaid The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) has implemented a healthcare quality initiative based on…

3M Commentary

Data can show us many things, not all of them real…

By Richard Fuller, MS

Modern Healthcare recently published another article questioning the utility of the CMS hospital readmission reduction program (HRRP). The article used…

Journal Article

Moving toward paying for outcomes in Medicaid

With Kevin Quinn, MA, EMT-P, Norbert Goldfield, MD

Published by The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, April/June 2018,  by Billy Millwee MHA; Kevin Quinn MA, EMT-P; Norbert…


Florida: Analysis of Potentially Preventable Healthcare Events of Medicaid Enrollees

Published by the State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration This report uses data from July 2016 to June…

3M Commentary

What should we be doing with composite measures? (And do we know one when we see one)

By Richard Fuller, MS

In June the GAO released a report examining the Medicare Hospital Value Based Purchasing (HVBP) payment initiative. This is not…