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Research Study

Research Series: Measuring Variation to Maximize Value

With Richard Averill, MS, Richard Fuller, MS, Ron Mills, PhD, L. Gordon Moore, MD

This series of reports on geographic variation in performance provide comparative information that can be used as the basis of…

White Paper

White Paper: Medicaid value-based care: Best practice strategies for success

Discussion of five best practices that help Medicaid agencies transition toward value-based care.…

3M Commentary

A national quality strategy relentlessly pursuing improvement of eight outcomes: Is now the time?

By Norbert Goldfield, MD, Richard Fuller, MS

Everyone, except for the measurement industry, seems to agree that we have too many metrics1 for measuring performance. An increasing…


Mississippi: Cost Effectiveness Study Report for Coordinated Access Network (MississippiCAN)

Published by the State of Mississippi Office of the Governor, Division of Medicaid by Myers and Stauffer, Certified Public Accountants…

Journal Article

Adjusting Population Risk for Functional Health Status

With Richard Fuller, MS, Norbert Goldfield, MD

Published in Population Health Management by Richard L. Fuller, John S. Hughes, and Norbert I. Goldfield Risk adjustment accounts for…

Journal Article

Comparison of the Properties of Regression and Categorical Risk-Adjustment Models

With Richard Fuller, MS, Richard Averill, MS, John Muldoon, Jack Hughes, MD

Published in the Journal of Ambulatory Care Management by Richard L. Fuller, MS, Richard F. Averill, MS, John H. Muldoon,…

3M Commentary

Predictive models and population health risk: Payment (part one)

By Richard Fuller, MS, Norbert Goldfield, MD

In this blog we take a look at risk-adjustment models used in population health. There are two related but distinct…

Journal Article

Augmenting Predictive Modeling Tools with Clinical Insights for Care Coordination Program Design and Implementation

Published by eGEMs Washington, D.C. by Tracy L. Johnson, PhD, MA, Daniel Brewer, Raymond Estacio, MD, Tara Vlasimsky, PharmD, BCPS, …

3M Commentary

Helping to pay for a patient’s funeral: Socioeconomic disparities and population health

By Norbert Goldfield, MD, Richard Fuller, MS

Since completing my training in internal medicine in 1976, I’ve been seeing low income patients as a primary care internist…