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Abu Dhabi Healthcare System – Diagnosis Related Group Perspective

Published in the International Journal of Medical, Pharmacy and Drug Research, February 2018,  by Saeed Hussein, Dr. Immanuel Azaad…

3M Commentary

Tackling health care’s ever-decreasing competition

By Richard Fuller, MS, Norbert Goldfield, MD

In a recent perspective piece in JAMA Forum, Dr. Ashish Jha of the Harvard School of Public Health argues…

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Predictive models and population health – A clinical point of view (part two)

By Norbert Goldfield, MD

Predicting the behavior of human beings is hard – it is hard enough to figure out how to predict the…

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Putting Patients at the Center of Their Health Home

By Norbert Goldfield, MD, Richard Fuller, MS

Much of what we seek to achieve in health reform centers upon improving the quality of patient care. We are…

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Quality, Prices, and Health System Consolidation

By Norbert Goldfield, MD, Richard Fuller, MS

The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly, but will we be happy with the outcome? The challenge of coordinated care, nascent…