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It’s still about the prices

By Matt Gallivan

Health economist Uwe Reinhardt famously declared in 2003 that if you want to address higher spending on health care in…

3M Commentary

The complex world of health care pricing and why it is time to consider big changes

By L. Gordon Moore, MD

Health care payment in the U.S. is the outgrowth of decades of policy decisions that were not all thought…

3M Commentary

It’s about the employer insurance market: 5 ways to lower health care costs for the majority of Americans

By Matt Gallivan

Political leaders have spent the last decade furiously debating the future of the health care system, while ignoring the elephant…


Health care pricing: Why it’s time to consider big changes

With L. Gordon Moore, MD

In his New York Times best-selling book “The Price We Pay,” Dr. Marty Makary discusses the worsening crisis…