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Journal Article

Importance of the DRG system to achieve hospital efficiency

Published in Revista Médica Clínica Las Condes, May 2018,  by Mackarena Zapata.  The classification of patients through the DRG…

Journal Article

Validation of the All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR-DRG) risk of mortality and severity of illness modifiers as a measure of perioperative risk

Published in the Journal of Medical Systems, March 2018,  by McCormick PJ, Lin HM, Deiner SG, Levin MA. The…

Journal Article

Abu Dhabi Healthcare System – Diagnosis Related Group Perspective

Published in the International Journal of Medical, Pharmacy and Drug Research, February 2018,  by Saeed Hussein, Dr. Immanuel Azaad…

3M Commentary

CMS, 2-Midnights, and linking payment with what you want to achieve

By Norbert Goldfield, MD, Richard Fuller, MS

A recurring theme in our blog posts is the need for payment policy to reflect a clearly defined purpose. Start…