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Importance of the DRG system to achieve hospital efficiency

Published in Revista Médica Clínica Las Condes, May 2018, 
by Mackarena Zapata. 

The classification of patients through the DRG system manages to solve the problems that exist in health institutions, whose final product is unique. Each patient attended has particular characteristics such as age, sex, main diagnosis, comorbidities, treatments and procedures performed, all of which make the variability unmanageable. Each of these described data can generate thousands of combinations. For this reason, in the need to solve this problem arises a system that manages to group, considering those similarities and transforming a large number of cases into related groups. By grouping it is possible to standardize processes to treat certain pathologies. By decreasing the clinical variability and knowing which are the cases that do not resemble the standard, it is possible to make the improvements that will bring saving of resources and greater efficiency.


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Source: Mackarena ZM. Importance of the GRD system to achieve hospital efficiency. Revista Médica Clínica Las Condes. 2018;29(3):347-352.