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Abu Dhabi Healthcare System – Diagnosis Related Group Perspective

Published in the International Journal of Medical, Pharmacy and Drug Research, February 2018, 
by Saeed Hussein, Dr. Immanuel Azaad Moonesar R.D.

Abu Dhabi Health Authority legislates the Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) system as a payment method for inpatient hospital services in both public and private sectors. The purpose of this research policy paper is to provide an insight into the DRG system in Abu Dhabi Healthcare system in developing an understanding of the process involved concerning DRG including the legislative arm, the healthcare providers and the payers. Besides, this brief evaluates the DRG system from the end user, which is then, compared public and private healthcare sector where policy recommendations and associated implications are highlighted.


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Source: International Journal of Medical, Pharmacy and Drug Research, Hussein S, Moonsesar IA. "Abu Dhabi healthcare system – diagnosis related group perspective." Int J Med Pharm Drug Res. 2018;2(1).